Hello, I'm Oliver.
Junior Developer at Nzime
Lapierre Edge site
Consumer facing web site created to coincide with the product launch of a range of Lapierre mountain bikes.

Raising awareness of the brand, assisting consumers in discovering the range and driving them through to the store locator to find nearest stockists.

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White Lapierre bicycles logo on a black background
Bespoke Wedding site
GatsbyJS, UI/UX Design
A project to create wedding website. I helped address the clients pain points and created a statically generated site as an alternative to the subscription model prevalant in WYSIWYG builders.

Key requirements were zero overheads and a RSVP form and after the event a photo gallery and guest book.

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The words Ryan & Christie surrounded by hearts and flowers and a bauble with the date 23rd december 2018, the date of their wedding
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